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Convention Travel


Interface with colleges to competitors- what better way to experience new exciting technologies and products. Be on top of what’s up and coming in your industry. Convention travel enables you to target your marketplace and what’s important to your company. Get together and share ideas, develop problem solving solutions.   


Group Travel


Selecting a destination as a group has many advantages.  Any group tour through DeSanto Travel  is a complete packaged tour.  By packaging a product like this will save your company a considerable amount of time and money.  Your  tour would include every facet from air to sea, lodging to cabins, from show tickets  to admission tickets.  If needed, all conferences, meals , activities and entertainment would be pre-arranged  to every detail.


Everyone’s  interacting with each other and forming lifelong bonds. Need your group in a morning conference,  evening cocktail party- no problem. Maximize your commercial business and enjoy your leisure time. Focus on what’s important to you…

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