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Incentive Travel


There are so many advantages to incentive travel as a group. Targeting a select group of people under one roof to focus on your objectives.


There are a variety of incentives to be customized to your company’s individual needs;


Sales                              Quality Control                     Health&Wellness

-revenue stream                -reduce cost & waste               -quit smoking

-new product line              -promote safety                       -lose weight

-creative marketing            -compliance results                 -lower blood pressure   

-promotions & contests     -production goals                     -less sick days

-performance goals           -budget management               -lower insurance costs


Goal setting is a very inspirational tool in any incentive program. These programs should be set with obtainable goals, along with a time table.


Tie in product launch campaigns in a designated sales period.


Hard times in the economy to fierce competition in your industry produce the best times for incentive travel. Decisions like these sets a company apart from the others, thinking outside the box. 


Incentives can be used as long term behavioral changes. Incentive travel has many other benefits such as, meaningful interaction with upper management. Employees can share and network ideas with a better understanding of corporate needs. Corporations in many industries have increased profits while using incentive travel as a taxable deduction.


Touching on the other two categories; employee wellness studies have shown millions of dollars lost every year do to illness. Studies have shown huge economic boost for corporations that have implemented health incentives.  On the same level, so has quality control. Controlling cost and waste to simply passing industry compliance demands have given corporations worldwide success and a boom in corporate profits by offering rewards to their employees.




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